Mastermind 2017

As part of World Book Day, the P5, P6 & P7 children participated in a Mastermind Quiz in their own classes, based on their class novel.  The winner from each class went through to the Mastermind Final where they answered questions based on a book of their own choice.

Representing P5 (Miss Bradley) was Jack McCann, P5 (Miss Savage) Leah Williams, P6 (Mr Kennon) Shea Murray, Mrs McNally (LSC2) Thomas Gallagher and P7 (Mr McGovern) Taylor McAllister.

As it turned out, Leah Williams from P5 (Miss Savage) and Taylor McAllister P7 (Mr McGovern) tied for first place.  After a tie-breaker and then sudden death, LEAH WILLIAMS of P5 claimed the tilte!  Leah won a £20 book token and an Easter egg.

Well done to all the children in key Stage 2 who took part!  To see more photo, please click here.

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